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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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next on fox 4 45 early edition. enjoy the break from the snow while you can, when the next round of winter weather will move into our area. still digging out, what to expect on the roads when your kids go back to school this we week. i come ready to learn, different. >> and chess meets church. this week champion of courage. good morning, it's monday, february 15th. i'm patrice harris.
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it's the president's holiday, many of you are at home this morning, you don't have to go to school or work so enjoy another day off and you can use it to get ready for more winter weather. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at what could be on the way. good morning, steve. good morning, patrice. yeah the president's day storm of 2010. no, it's not going to be as bad as 2003, or as bad as what we have seen. we do have a winter weather advisory and it's toward the west and the northern county, and northern part of montgomery county, and howard county. as you go further points west, higher chance of snow fall amounts to the western part of the state. lot pressure center that is coming our way, this clipper is going to take more of an inside track this time around. i will tell what that means with regard to how much snow we think we will get. right now the clouds ahead.
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the tennessee valley is where we're seeing the mixed precipitation right now. some places around here are going to get a bit of a mix around here tonight as we look at the warmer to the eve. you do see the snow indicated here in the western counties, and the green to the south, rain moving in. we will talk about how far north the air will move and who will get the rain, who will get the snow, and how much of it is coming your way. obviously temperatures are cold enough for snow but temperatures will warm up this afternoon. we will talk about what that means with regard to snow totals, in a few minutes. right now candace dold is here with what is happening on the roadways. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. unfortunately we are dealing with the icy patches thrng ho. it's causing problems out there especially on the jfx right now. we do in fact have the ramp blocked from the southbound ramps of 83 to cold spring lane. to get around that, go to north avenue, make a, turn, and get back on the northbound lanes of the jfx and you will be able to
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access cold spring lane once you get off the falls exit. 83 north of 695, here it is looking no problems to report on either the northbound or southbound lanes heading toward the beltway. once on the beltway from the outer loop direction, 83 up toward 795, looking at a 9 minute clip, 50 miles per hour, and west side 795 toward 95, a-okay, 12 minutes at 50 miles per hour. not too much to complain about through baltimore southbound lanes of 895, from the harbor tunnel, toward 95, volume is increasing, a 9 minute clip at 55 miles per hour. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over you to you. to you. it's not because of snow this time, but most public schools in our area are closed again today, this time for the president's day holiday, but there are two school districts that will be open today to help make up for the many snow days
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used so far. tatalbot county schools will be open on a regular schedule. and queen ann's schools will be open 90 minutes late with no morning, pre-k. howard county schools have decided to close through tuesday of this week. classes will resume on wednesday. remember, whenever severe winter weather hits, tune in to fox 45 morning news, our morning news ticker will have all the latest closings, delays and traffic conditions. that ticker updates automatically and it even runs during commercials. for the schools that are closed today the extra day off means more time to clear out all the snow. megan gilliland is live from western high school in north baltimore with more on that. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the good news here at the school we can finally see pavement here. i tell you what the bad news here is, look at how narrow this road is difficult for buses to come here through here.
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at this point it's crunch time for the schools across our region, their assignment to clear all of the snow by tonight. the big snow storms that hit our region closed school for an entire week. most students are expected to return to class tomorrow but there's still a lot to be done. in the city, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is calling to communities to pitch in. here at western high school a few parents are responding to that message. >> i'm working hard. i'm working hard, yes, i am. she is home and i want her back in school. >> reporter: mayorling rawlings-blake helped to shovel snow at an elementary school over the weekend. rawlg blake says the focus is school zones and bus stops. but no matter how hard they work to shovel the snow tonight, the sidewalks and the streets could be covered by snow again with that snow expected to fall [ overlapping speakers ]
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fallovernight. no doubt, many students peeking out their windows to see if their long vacation will continue. megan gilliland, fox morning early edition. >> no doubt but the kids don't necessarily want to be back in school. >> reporter: they are loving it. in washington d.c. the crews are working to remove the snow left behind by the snowstorm. we are told that it's a tremendous clean up job. >> reporter: when you look over the parking lot filled with snow, you get a sense of how much work has been done to clear d.c. streets. these piles of snow are massive and they continue to grow. tonight we found a major he snow removaremovalproject taking plag connecticut avenue. at times traffic was blocked both directions. chester piles has been working 12 hour shifts since the last storm. each day he hauls 10 to 15 loads of ice off the streets.
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>> right now it's light, but last week the middle part of the week it was rough. >> reporter: the director of d.c. public works tells us he is proud of his team of road crews and outside contractors. many have been working exhausting shifts, and the director says relief has been offered to shows stressed out. >> we asked them to check themselves. if they thought they needed to take an extra break, we were able to substitute another driver, but for the most part they have been enthusistic and realized this is an important task for the city. >> reporter: another issue that seems to be a growing concern is the amount of trash in the city. we found trash can after trash can filled with a mixture of snow and waste. the mayor says all of these issues will be addressed but with the historic snow fall it will take time. >> everybody hates snow, but mayors hate snow more, but in terms of being able to help people and get them out of a tough bind, i'm exhilarated and
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pumped up and energized. >> reporter: tomorrow will mark the 12th executive 12 hour shift for crews. chester will be back, the work will be gone but the added income is a plus. after more than a week off, garbage collectors in bal baltie will bin makin begin making thes tomorrow. starting tuesday, residents are being asked to put their trash and recyclables outside on their scheduled pickup days. with more snow expected to head our way today, just how long will the trash pickup last. the road crews have been working hard to make sure that the streets are clear. they are running out of places where to put the snow. the state is getting ready by replenishing the salt supplies,
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and they loping tha hoping thatt be needed. >> it's been tough but they are ready for the next round. if it's a light snow it will be a salting operation. >> cleanup from the last two storms, already cost the state more than $40 million. if you are still looking for the good news in this year's record-breaking snow fall, here is some. gas prices are down because of it. aaa says with the demand for gas down the prices fell. gas consumption nation wide went down 4% with the snow fall being the factor for the biggest declean. gas prices are down, they're still on average $68 higher than they were a year -- $0.68 higher than he they were a year ago. it happened yesterday morning in the 2900 block of woodland avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. there are no suspects in just deand police are still trying to determine the circumstances of the stabbing.
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a police involved shooting in frederick leaves a man dead. it happened around 5:30 yesterday morning on hims avenue at allison court. police were called to the area because of reports that the man was shooting at passing cars. one driver was hit but he is expected to be okay. when they got there, police told patrick fisher to put the gun down, instead, police say, he pointed the imn a the gun at thy opened fire. he was taken to the hospital where he died. he was loss involved in a domestic dispute earlier. an amber alert leads to the arrest of a man who kidnapped a girl. he is charged with taking the girl from his prince george's county george. he is an acquaintance of the family. she was reported missing from her home and an amber alert was issued. hours later, delea was found
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with the girl at a truck stop in tennessee. she was not hurt. people are take eb taken toe hospital after getting sick of carbon monoxide. officials are investigating where the leak came but it may be connected with weldin weldint was done on the sheep. ship. a 7th person, an employee was hospitalized with chest pains. everyone is expected to be okay. a former university of maryland basketball star is in trouble over steroids. former terp juan dixon, the mayor of former mayor sheila diction has been suspended after testing positive for steroids. he was tested and told about the positive reports days ago and the basket ball federation suspended him on friday.
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>> he was a role model. he grew up here and played in maryland and was a star. it's sad to see his career reach that point we are was desperate enough where he had to use steroids. >> dixon spent 7 years in the nba before playing in europe. thousands of haitians homeless after last month's earthquake hope to at least have a tent for shelter but now they don't even have that. tons of people who have been living on the streets of port-au-prince are begging for tents. 49,000 tents made it into the country but now the government is saying no more and has stopped handing them out. the government decided that tents are too difficult to handle and now they're working on putting up more permanent places for the homeless to live. large charities get most of the attention but many small
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charities are still going everything they can to get supplies to haitians. many of them have come together to send food, water, medicine and other supplies that are still desperately needed. one group based in atlanta has a small plane and makes deliveries all over the country sometimes several a day. >> we don't have to wait. we don't have a lot of red tape, but we have a big heart that is open for the people of haiti and we are ready for action. >> the pilots involved in these missions tiemissions volunteer . they only charge for the fuel. the win
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♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪
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welcome back. 5:15 on this president's day. we are taking a look at winter weather advisory on the northern half of hour state. northern on the pattern, it's more of an inland track compared
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to what we have seen recently. that will make a difference. while we don't have a winter advisory for the southern part of the state, meaning we expect to see more rain than snow. we go into a composite mode and as we zoom on out, showers in new york with lake-effect snow off of lake erie and ontario. it's a little further inland. it should be taking more of an inland track. as we take a look at the bigger picture. what i want to show you is the low pressure center is taking more of an inland track. notice the snow coming in, and it looks like it holds off until 2:00 in the afternoon. 6:00 p.m., looking at maybe an evening rush where we could have slippery roads with some snow falling but rain for eastern half of our state. then we will see a bit of a mix for the central counties. that will keep the snow fall totals down.
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that low pressure center continues to push through overnight tonight, maybe a little bit of snow on the backside of this low for early tomorrow morning before it tapers off and gets out of here. one thing we have to watch, we have to watch the low pressure center because if that low, instead comes further toward the coast, then we talk about wraparound moisture and then the chance for higher snow fall totals. right now it looks like the former model that i just showed you is going to be the case and that will keep the snow totals down. it will be plain rain or a bit of a mix for eastern shore as you go points south. you see that 8 inches to the west. that low comes and we bring the 3-8 inches further east. right now it's going to be in the neighborhood of 1-3 inches of snow. any snow may not be welcomed by you, but that looks like what we are headed for today. 25 in d.c. down toward salisbury, 17 inches, -- 17 degrees. boy, i'm thinking snow fall
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totals. 22 hagerstown, 18 in oakland. only rain for the eastern shore just to clarify that. for the eastern shore, today, 39 degrees, still a little bit of a mix, but it's going to be predominantly the further south you go with the southeast winds becoming 5-10 miles per hour. those winds shifting a clue of the warmer air coming from the south and east, keeping the rain falls total higher and the snow falls lower in the eastern shore. we will see more of accumulation here where we get 1-3 inches of snow and the rain helping to cut down on the totals. back to the west it will be colder and that is why we will see plain snow there and the higher snow fall totals to the west, 5-10-mile-an-hour winds out of the southeast for the totals, about 8 inches. 29 degrees for the overnight low, snow showers overnight
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tonight as the temperatures come down. as we look ahead on the president's day. first of all the temperatures climb a little bit. look for cloudy skies by noon. could be early snow showers for the western counties by earl either afternoon and the rest of us as we get into the early evening or late afternoon. 33 degrees for the temperature after getting to the high of 36 by 1:00 this afternoon. we will stay around 36 around 1 to 3:00 in the afternoon. that is why we think that again, it's going to cut down on the totals with a little bit of a mix in there. 36 degrees for thursday, partly cloudy skies, could have an early snow shower that could present an issue and 39 degrees doing a whole lot better for wednesday with mostly clear skies, 40 on thursday, temperatures stay in the upper 30s friday, saturday and sunday with a mix of sun and clouds. once we get past tonight and overnight, we are looking a whole lot better the rest of the week it appears. fox 45 sky watch weather is available at your finger tips. you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming
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storms. the interactive tools will let you know when rain or snow will be over 8 your house. go to and click on iradar. candace dold is look aththe is e traffic edge. >> reporter: so far noting at 69 at beltway at the same vicinity right near harford road. as for the jfx now at geep miles per hour and back to 64 miles per hour on the beltway moving through pikesville. you don't want to get overconfident. you know the deal those travel lanes can drop quickly out there because of unfortunately because of all of the snow. we do have snow removal taking place and it shuts down the ramp from southbound 95 on to powder mill road. you can always use 29 or 295 as an alternate route to avoid all of that activity altogether. on 95 moving through howard county, moving through route
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100, we can show you what the scene looks like. here it is, the cars zipping along the northbound and the southbound stretch toward beltway. 95 is the way to he go, we do hav-- wedo have an accident on 1 at route 175. there's possible lane blockages. we will keep you u up-to-date as soon as we get nor information. as far as 95 the lanes are in the green, so that is the best option. 395 taking a look at the region, here it is a few cars travel in both directions. one last incident to talk about is a broken watermain. it's in baltimore on edmondson avenue. now again, so far no word of any actual road closures, but just a word that
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>>an ambulance usually transports patients, but in howard county a medical unit was used to pick up a doctor trapped in her snow-covered neighborhood. as kathleen reports, the efforts presented a crucial role in saving a columbia' man's life. >> reporter: sometimes a crisis has a way of bring the
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best of people. >> reporter: david taylor was shoveling snow when he collapsed from a massive heart attack. >> i hope you're feeling well, no more chest discomfort. >> reporter: his 16-year-old daughter britney called 911. >> they had her trying to find the my pulse which she never found. >> do what i have to do. i don't want to lose my dad. >> reporter: the neighbors help dig a path for the ambulance and while that unit transported mr. taylor. >> that is what we do. >> reporter: another ambulance picked up the cardiologist. >> i walked about a half a mile and then they picked me up. >> reporter: dr. miller was trapped by the snow in her own neighborhood. >> they made all of the difference in being able to get me here quickly so i could quickly treat the patient. >> reporter: emergency heart surgery so quickly. >> your blood pressure is perfect. >> reporter: made the difference. >> astop to realize what could
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have happened. >> reporter: and so today they give thanks. >> first of all britney. >> i told her she saved your life, she certainly did. >> well, she is the love of my life. >> reporter: taylor calls it his own storm story. >> thank you. >> my pleasure, my pleasure. >> people that came together at the right time to save somebody. so i was lucky. >> reporter: in columbia. >> i'm not shoveling anymore snow. >> reporter: kathleen, fox 45 morning news. coming up in early edition, empathing young lives one move at a time -- impacting young lives one move at a
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u.s. airlines show improvement in their on time report cards and consumers appear to be feeling a little more optimistic. here is dan case with this morning's business brief. a mixed end to the weekend
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at wall street. the s&p ended down but the nasdaq etched higher. the markets are closed monday for president's day. consumers are feeling more willing to tend. retail sales rose in january by a half of a percent. the gains were better than economists expected. this january's monday are more than 1/2 percent higher than january of last year. if your travel plans are hold right now because of weather, you may not want to hear this, but u.s. airlines did a better job in 2009 of getting passengers to their destinations on time. according to the federal report, the nation's highest airline got an on report of 49.5% and the best rating since 2003. the airlines faring the best hawaiian airlines and southwest. for business brief, i'm stan case. coming up mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lending a helping
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